New Students Welcome

DSCF5677We are now accepting new students in our Beginner Sewing Program for the Fall Session. Check out the details on our Beginner Sewing page. Classes fill up quickly, so be sure to email us soon for a registration form if your child is interested in join us.

To register email us at:

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NEW Kids Sewing Classes Added

079Two new time slots have been added to our growing sewing program for children ages 8 to 17.

  • July 5 – 8: Four full days of sewing. $345
  • August 1 – 5: A week of Sewing. $400

All programs run from 9 – 4 daily with a lunch and activity break.

For more details about the program click on the Beginner Sewing Tab:  Beginner Sewing Workshops.

For registration information email us at:



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“A Tribute to Rock” on the Runway May 22nd

At 2:00 on May 22nd more than 60 young design students will gather at Queen of Angels Auditorium to present their ideas for fashionable clothing for youth here in the New York City.


Invitation Art by Victoria Murphy

Since last summer our young students have been learning to sew by making clothing for themselves. Add a little creative thinking and some person style, and eventually, talk of a fashion show will follow.

For the first time in Project Streetwear history our students are designing the show. Our most advance class has taken on the challenge to put together the creative visuals and music that pulls a show together. Music of course is key to setting the tone of any show. And what better way to celebrate creativity coming out of our youth than with a bit of rock and roll!

To join us for the event visit: Eventbrite: Project Streetwear Tickets.

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Weaving at the AMB Academy!

IMG_2625This month Sunnyside Artworks had the unique opportunity to collaborate with the AMB Academy and its students. The students at AMB receive a hands on education in real world learning, encouraging students to develop strong thinking and problem solving skills at a young age.  A mission that mirrors our own mission here in Sunnyside.

IMG_2623This winter, one of their project units focused on the processing of wool fiber, from shearing the sheep to making functional items from the wool. In the spirit of hands on learning, the children visited a farm and met the sheep up close and personal!

We joined them in the making process by exploring the unique properties of wool fiber and why it is suitable for making specific IMG_2627items. By using a hand loom, the children explored the process of weaving by pulling “weft” yarns through “warp” to create a unique pattern. Afterwards the the weavings were felted and turned into some very useful “hot pads” for the kitchen. Wool, being naturally resistant to heat and burning, is the perfect functional fiber for this use.

IMG_2628IMG_2622If you are seeking a unique learning and thinking experience for your young child, check out AMB Academy !


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Our First Graduate Moving On…

DSCF5158.JPGCongratulations to Summer Rowland. Our first graduating senior has just been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology here in New York City.

Summer has been part of our program for the past four years. She has show us again and again her strong sense of style and fashion forward thinking. Elegant party dresses are her strength! See her newest pieces May 22nd on the runway.

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Project Streetwear 2016 presents: A Tribute to Rock!

We are pleased to announce this years annual Project Streetwear Student Fashion Show will take place on May 22 at 2:00 pm at Queen of Angels Auditorium. Clear you calendar and get ready to rock!




*Photos courtesy of: Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging
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“My daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas and…..”

sewing machine graphic23“My daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas and we don’t know how to use it.” We hear that a lot this time of year. Daughter, son, Christmas, Hanukah, Birthday.  The occasion sometimes changes, but the request is always the same, “help!”

This is actually this same conversation that started the Sunnyside Artworks workshops 7 ½ years ago. We are here to help.

Our students join us for various reason, some want to learn to sew, others want to be a designer, some want to know how things work and go together and almost all of them want to express themselves as an individual.

We consider basic sewing skills a life skill. Once that skill is learned, the creativity, engineering and problem solving are endless. If your child is at least 8 years of age they are ready to join us for an enriching learning experience we are ready to help.

IMG_0024Our next Beginner Session happens over the holiday break.  This is a full day workshop running December 28, 29, 30th from 9 – 4. More details can be found under the Beginner Sewing Tab.

Contact us soon as space is limited.




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Fall is just around the corner…..

IMG_0173Thanks for popping in!

As we prepare for autumn to start easing in to our daily lives, we at Sunnyside Artworks are also busy easing into our Fall Sewing Schedule.

We have had more requests than ever to join our Sewing and Design program for kids as well as numerous requests for Adult classes.
If you (or your child) have been yearning to start individualizing your wardrobe by learning to sew, this is the right place.

DSCF4622bPlease drop us an email and we will put you on the list to receive notification when classes are available.

Until the……Enjoy the transition of the season!




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Welcome Summer!

IMG_1026Warm weather every day and school almost over can only mean it’s time for Summer Fun!

Here at Sunnyside Artworks we focus on turning fun into valuable creative learning experiences.

Our one week full and half day art and sewing workshops are designed to keep young minds thinking. We work through three dimensional and two dimensional projects aimed at getting young minds out of the box and activating creative problem solving on multiple levels.

art show 2012 033Along with these great life skills, basic art skills and processes are taught. Each workshop is a designed to create different experience, so a student can attend multiple sessions and learn new and exciting things each week.

Click on our “Summer Art Programs” or “Summer Sewing Options” on the tab above to see what’s new this summer!

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Photo Courtesy of Malcolm Lightner

The 2015 Project Streetwear fashion show, “The Elements of Fashion,” was a big hit! All of the girls involved put forth their best efforts with overwhelmingly positive results. Below are the awards our participants received from various contributors.

For the fifth year, Paron Fabrics of 257 West 39th Street, awarded three gift certificates to their store for The Best use of Fabric in a Garment. Ava Connelly, won for her creative use of chiffon over a polka dot to create an illusion of dots. Soumyaa Mathur received second place for her trendy styling of both of her garments, made of soft fabrics. And Lainie Newman received the third award for her exquisite draping of rich blue lace over a crepe lining.


©Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging


© Mary Teresa Giancoli http crismaimaging.comintro.html










©Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging

Spandex House of 263 West 38th Street awarded a gift certificate to the student who exhibited the Best use of a Spandex Fabric in a Garment. Our winner this year, for her original design in spandex knit is Leela Glass.


©Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging

Ruby Kavanaugh is the recipient of the Daytona Trim Award, presented by Daytona Trimmings of 251 West 39th Street. The Best use of Trim Award was given for Ruby’s creative layer of pale pink sequins over pink leopard spot ribbon which was carefully hand sewing in an original pattern on her rock start bath robe.



©Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging

The Best Total Look Award was presented by Pure Salon & Spa, located right here in Sunnyside on Queens Boulevard. Our winner this year, Caitlyn Quinn, received a makeup session with one of The Pure’s professional makeup artists, for her styling and presentation of her looks.


Photo Courtesy of Malcolm Lightner

And lastly, our most sought after vendor award, The Future Designer Award, was presented by Jill Callan of Tiny You. The winner, Sofia Colborn, was chosen for her creative cutting of an iridescent fabric and for the ergonomic application of pockets, placing them where they would be more functional to the user. Tiny You is located at 46-21 Skillman Avenue in Sunnyside and 10-50 Jackson Avenue in LIC.

Congratulations to all our winners and to all of our talented young students who walked the runway!

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