About Our Program

IMG_0106Sunnyside Artworks offers creative workshops in design and sewing aimed to encouraging development of creative thinking and problem solving skills.

“For two generations we have experienced a continuing decline in art and music programs in our public and private schools nationwide. Creative learning is a critical part of human development. The current decline in creative thinking has been cited as an issue for lack of creative problem solving on a much grander scale in our communities. The need to open our minds into creative problem solving can be nurtured or stifled from a young age. Our goal is to nurture it.”

We invite everyone to release preconceived concepts about art, fashion and the perception of beauty. While teaching various modalities of design, sewing and art skills, we strive to promote open creativity and encourage participants to leave traditional ideas behind.

DSCF4622bFashion Design and Sewing Lessons are available throughout the school year for both beginners and our advanced students.  Beginners learn basic sewing skills and then move on to learn garment construction. Gradually we work in concepts of design and the students begin creating their own styles and looks which eventually end up on our runway in late spring. Summer registration is available now. Please check back in August for our Fall Sewing schedule, or contact us directly at: register@sunnysideartworks.info.

Sunnyside Artworks Summer Workshops are a series of week-long summer workshops, for 8 to 17 year olds, aimed at opening and expanding creative thinking in young minds. We consider the whole design process beginning with how we feel about things before expanding into our environment and outside influences. Each day is composed of teaching, guided meditations, discussions, and hands on creating.

Sunnyside Artworks and Creative Workshops for Youth are owned and operated by Freedom Within LLC

*Banner photo courtesy of:
Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging