Annual Fashion Show

Project Streetwear presents: “In This Moment”


Our annual fashion show is set for May 21st, right here in Sunnyside Gardens. Our students have been taking a look at fashion through photographic history for the past year.

2017 marks our eight show that will emphasis where fashion has brought us, and will define who we are as designers right up to this moment in time.

Being ourselves is the key. When we are true to who we are our ideas and projects have more potential for success. Eight young designers took on the challenge to be themselves this year by joining our advanced class in draping.

IMG_3731In draping students learn to develop a design idea completely from scratch. They drape the form, make a pattern, stitch a sample garment called a muslin, then repeat, until the pattern is perfect enough to cut the final garment. Each of them has succeeded in constructing an original dress that will be presented for the first time on our runway!

Our oldest student, Isabel Levit, has been designing and draping for more than four years now. As a graduating senior, she will present a complete ten piece collection of her original work.

These creative young professionals, along with all our young creative thinkers are the future of fashion! This promises to be our most creative runway to date. You don’t want to miss it!

The show starts at 2:00 on May 21st at Queen of Angels Auditorium. To get tickets go to: Project Streetwear presents “In This Moment”