Bonita Kline is a Master of Design from the University of Cincinnati where her thesis work focused on challenging traditional practices in teaching of the translation between two and three dimensional design. She has spent 25 years in the garment industry as a Design Director working with both Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. In recent years, Bonita has been teaching sewing and design through the Sunnyside Artworks program, including the production of an annual fashion show dubbed “Project Streetwear.” When not in the sewing studio Bonita focuses on her continuing development in clay sculpture and has recently been cited as an emerging artist in that field.

Gilly Gil-LugoNative New Yorker Gilly Gil-Lugo is an artist who combines the charm of children’s picture books with the elegance of fashion illustration. She has a B.F.A. in illustration from F.I.T. and has worked in both the fashion and toy industries. In 1996 Ms. Gil-Lugo rediscovered her passion for painting, opening “Making A Scene Decorative Painting”, specializing in murals and hand painted furniture for children. The custom murals illustrated storybook setting with the families as the main characters. Ms. Gil-Lugo continues to paint in her own studio and has recently begun to explore printmaking. When she is not working in her studio, Ms. Gil-Lugo enjoys spending time with her family and pets at her home here in Sunnyside.

Rehndell MasiRehndell Masi began her ceramic studies with traditional Korean potter Sang Joon Park. Focusing on developing strong foundational skills, helped to form an aesthetic that boasts strong lines and clean forms.

Over the years she has developed a style which includes lots of reticulating (crawl) textured glazes that make the pieces both functional and artistic. Rehndell taught clay in the public school system and brings her teaching knowledge along with her professional skills to Sunnyside Artworks.




*Banner photo courtesy of:
Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging