Beginner Sewing Classes

IMG_2449Beginner Sewing is for first time students, ages 8* and up, who are completely new to sewing or who have a little experience. This class is designed as an introduction to sewing and design.

The course is divided into two parts. The first will cover basic skills including machine safety and operation, simple seam making and two basic hand stitches. The test swatches for the beginning lessons will become a mini quilt. The quilt may be turned into a pillow or be used as a blanket for a cherished doll or pet.

The second half of the course will concentrate on making pajama pants. Students will learn how to lay out a pattern, cut properly, sew longer seams, sew curves, and finishing a garment with an elastic casing and basic hem.

All Classes are currently full. If you are interested in Beginner Sewing for January 2018, please contact us.

IMG_2477bTo register email us at:

After the beginner program is successfully completed, and students can demonstrate their expertise at operating the machine, they will be eligible to join additional classes to learn to make more advanced clothing projects.  Students who have difficulty with the machine after the beginner course may be asked to repeat the beginner level or to take a machine review workshop offered throughout the year.

*If you child is 7 years old, please inquire about our Pre-Beginner Program.

*Banner photo courtesy of: Cristian I. Peña/Crisma Imaging