Summer Art Program

summer kid pots 117

This summer we are offering four unique weeks of mixed media classes to encourage creative thing. Concepts will be taught through hands on projects encouraging openness and creativity throughout the process. Students will be challenged to think outside of the “non-existent” box by answering questions like “what if your wastebasket couldn’t be round, or square, or rectangular?”

We will work from large to small and from free form to structure. Surface texture and color will be developed as a part of the creation of form. All ages welcome.

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Exploring Texture

Students will explore textured surfaces in art, workingDSCF4320both in two dimensional and three dimensional mediums. Each student will develop  their own tiles or rollers to use as texturing tools in clay. The textured clay slabs will be turned into functional pottery pieces.

In the afternoons we will focus on bring depth into a traditionally two dimensional skill. Using acrylic paints and alternative materials, students will make textured paintings on canvas.

Dates: July 9 – 13, 9:00 – 4:00…$480 includes $30 materials fee.

Master Skills

abc fish thumbnailIn grand master traditions, a master painter would also study a three dimensional art form, like pottery, or sculpture, to strengthen their painting skills. To study these skills simultaneously enhances the understanding of each set of skills.

Each day students will work with clay, to study shape and form; and will then turn their attention to painting with pastels. The pastel work will explore the same concepts of shape and form in a two dimensional representation. Just for fun, while the kiln is firing, we will turn our attention to our color blending in the form of soap making.

Dates: July 16 – 20, 9:00 – 4:00…$490 includes $40 materials fee.

Earth, Wind and Fire

Thing 1 Carl Mark Partin

Thing 1. Carl Mark Partin

Sculpture Week. Digging your hands into a lump of clay and manipulating it into absolutely anything imaginable is the ultimate creative experience. For centuries, sculpture has been revered as the most masterful artistic experience demonstrating both creativity and skill.

In this workshop students will explore the relationship between the five basic elements: earth, wind, fire, water and spirit. We will use the earth in the form of clay to make our sculptures, molding them with water and vitrifying them with fire. As we await the results of the kiln firing, we will experiment with mixed media to create sculpture pieces that respond to the wind. Tapping in to our creative spirit, we will imagine and construct pieces that invite us to use our five senses to respond to art made from the five elements.

Dates: July 23 – 27, 9:00 – 4:00…$480  includes $30 materials fee.

art show 2012 159Paper Mache, Wax and Clay

This workshop is focused on the study of shape and form through recycled sculpturing projects.  Students will learn the basic architecture of three dimensional structure as they create and build their sculptural pieces.

While the layers of paper mache are drying, we turn our attention to the challenge of building structures through the use of ceramic clay. Multiple hand-building projects will be made by pinching and coiling the clay into the desired form. While the kiln is firing and the paint is drying, we will shift our creative senses to the study of color, through the mixing and blending of candle waxes to make a unique pair of scented candles to accompany our clay projects.

Dates: July 30 – August 3, 9:00 – 4:00…$475 inclues $25 materials fee.

Details that apply to all programs:

Workshop tuition is $450 for the full day. Programs with higher costs include materials fees.

Early drop off and late pick up available if needed for an additional fee.
Location: 44-15 Skillman Avenue
Students should wear old clothing. They will get messy.
Need to Bring:

  • Participants will need to bring a water bottle and snacks with them each day.
  • If they have an art apron, they can bring it along. There are a few aprons available in the studio.
  • If your daughter/son keeps a design journal, they should bring it along.

*The final firing process can take up to 36 hours! Every effort will be made to fire as many pieces as possible within the week, without compromising the clay. (If it goes in the kiln wet, it will explode!) Things made in the latter half of the week will be fired at a later date. Parents will be notified when the pieces are available for pick up. Items not picked up by September will be discarded.

Space is limited. To register email us at: